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of change that president obama is bringing to america and this is what is at stake in november. all of this information, and much more can be found in part one of a brand new book it's 2010, take back america, a battle plan, the stakes, the targets, the strategy and what you can do, joining me now is the author of this brand new book, the one and only dick morris. welcome to hannity, by the way i'd shake your hand-- >> the elbow bump because i don't want to get sick. >> you've got to be really-- first of all, i love, i love the book. i love it and it is a -- you get into some great detail here, great strategies here and i want to start at the beginning. this is important, af got to start to make the case, barack obama is ruining america, he's destroying everything that makes us great. the two stories on drugs today, white house sign czar, u.s. can't expect to be number one in science and technology forever. we've got another picture, another president bowing before here another world leader, dick, and saying in another piece, rogin puts it in his piece today that, you know, talking
not be toxic for america. but would it actually be the toxin that shocks shoppers and our economy back underground? hi everybody, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears, let's get to it. we've got gary smith, tobin smith, part dorsey, eric bolling. and welcome to everybody. eric, a national sales tax and economy crusher? >> an economy crusher, welcome to bm campaign promise number 88, broken. no new taxes to anyone making under $250,000 bucks. here is a tax on everyone and everything. anything from a book, a $30 book now costs $36. a dinner out, an ipad, a $500 ipad, $600. even a car, ford fiesta almost $3,000 more. if you're a consumer, you're being taxed anyway and you're worried about health care and now this, everything you buy more tax, tax, tax, tax, enough, stop! >> that means shut go the wallets? >> well, you know, the vat tax is another tool. they can use it any way they want, temporarily, adjustable rate and the primary tax and we do away with income tax. the truth is people use it all over the world. europe and asia used the vat tax for decades and right now very few ot
to turn your back on this destruction of america. >> mike: but there are critics who have accused him and others in the tea party movement of reconciling up hate and they compare those who speak out against government spending that costs billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to the angry mobs who protested against civil rights in the '60s. please welcome back to the show, jon voight. >> very nice to see you. >> mike: welcome back, jon. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: delighted to have you. >> nice to be here. these folks are willing to give you another oscar right here and now. >> isn't that nice. the first time i saw that. i didn't see it. it was very impressive. i didn't want to follow it. >> mike: well, it was a terrific day. there were many people there and yet when you read the news accounts of what happened that day, you would have thought that it was a racist rally. i'm going read a couple of things, jon, some of this is just stunning. >> should be fun. >> mike: it should be. here is one. i'm not even going to give these guys the benefit of telling their names or networks
or that's the end of the united states of america. that's not fair. >> brenda, we're 12 1/2 trillion dollars in debt on the way to 120 trillion bucks -- 20 trillion bucks unless you stop spending -- that's not going to happen. or he's going to have to raise taxes for everyone. >> you all are presuming this is a deficit of his creation. >> well, let's not talk about the -- >> wait a second. >> it is. >> this is the bush's fault argument. at what point will it be his deficit? >> are you not acknowledging he inherited a huge deficit? >> he did but he's bush on steroids. >> he's accelerating. >> he magnified it. >> thank you, gary. >> we're not saying that president bush wasn't a spender too, but comparatively, the amount of money spent by this administration is much, much higher percentage of gdp. >> and the president didn't have a choice. >> it's not complicated. >> but again, your point is say that we needed to save the banking system because -- i'll go with that. the federal reserve did the heavy lifting. $786 billion, which we handed out to people in welfare, unemployment or service
% on all online printing purchases. visit fedex.com/print. >> from america's news headquarters, hi, i'm jamie colby. the toughest immigration rules in the country are now laws in arizona. the governor there signing a controversial new bill targeting illegal immigration, but it's already challenged on a couple of fronts. two advocacy groups say they'll go to court over it and president obama is telling the justice department he wants to know if it's constitutional. the law makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally and permits police officers to ask about a person's immigration status if there's reason to think they're here illegally. and the coast guard looking for 11 missing after the oil rig explosion off the louisiana coast and they believe the men never made it off the platform. crews are cleaning up debris. officials haven't determined what caused the massive blast, back to bulls and bears, i'm jamie colby, keep it on fox. >> brenda: 32 days and the price tag grows by 311 billion bucks. a new health and human services report finding the health care law will drive medic
and forget it. >> from america's news headquarters. hi everybody i'm jamie colby. there's been a horrific attack near baghdad, gunman wearing military uniforms trying to pass themselves off as americans stormed a sunni village in the middle of the night and killed 25 people, including five women. police are saying the victims were handcuffed and shot execution style, helicopters now flying overhead and police are investigating and will keep up to details. the a female employee died at a hospital, two other badly burned workers in this accident are hospitalized in critical condition and now we're learn at that just last year, at that same refinery was fined for serious safety and health violations, no word yet if they played a role in yesterday's clash. i'm jamie colby, back to bulls and bears, see new 30 minutes. >> democrats now going after union pay, you heard me right. l.a.'s mayor once a union organizer now wants city workers to kick in more to their benefits and pensions and new york's democratic governor calling on the teachers union to accept a pay freeze. they're not alone. over t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6